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B.C. Molnar
Artist | Hobbyist | Artisan Crafts
Just your average dorky French Canadian
I am slighly obsessed with anything yarn and crafts-related. I'm also really into manga and anime, and a whole bunch of geeky tv shows. I don't have much time to practice drawing, but hopefully I'll improve enough someday to draw my OCs from some of the many stories I have floating around in my head.

Sentez-vous à l'aise de me parler en français, そして少し日本語を話せます。
You can call me Blue or Shoop, whatever floats your boat.

Boop. (personal blog) (crafts blog)
Hello everybody! I'm sorry I haven't been very active since the start of the year, but this semester was very hard on me emotionally and stress-wise too, but I've been doing a bit better now that exams are over.
This is just an update with my plan for the next little while, and a list for my commissioners just to keep them up to date ;)

First off! Go check out my new craft blog on tumblr! I'd appreciate any new followers, so thanks in advance!

Schedule for the next few weeks:
-Finish knitting my sweater for my John Watson cosplay. Comiccon is in 2 weekends, so I'm focused on that for the next few weeks.
-Set up my new sewing machine and learn how to use it. If there's anything I can do with it to save time with my plushies, I might use it to do a few of the seams on the flat parts. Hopefully it will help cut down on the 10+ hours I spend on every single plush.
-Finish any outstanding commissions. I'll get through all I already have, and I don't think I'll take any new ones for a while, to give myself a break so I can work on personal projects and my Akihito cosplay for Otakuthon.
-Create a plush-making tutorial (probably while I work on commissions, to get some pics), which will have buttloads of info and any tips and tricks I can think of. I'll be selling it on etsy and it will include a version of my base template, so I think Izadork that should answer your question!
-Create tutorials and patterns for some of the dolls I've already made (probably also done during commissions) to be sold on etsy, to go with my base tutorial, in case people don't feel like creating the patterns themselves
-Make general stock so I actually have stuff to sell in my etsy shop (pokeballs, 3DS cases, bracelets, etc.) I will probably only ever sell completed plush dolls on a commission basis.
-Work on personal projects (probably some dolls from Free! and attack on titan) as well as my Akihito cosplay (I'm knitting his green vest).

Commission List:
-Sherlock and John for defokoFunfan01: the dolls themselves are finished, and I managed to find the fabric I wanted to make the patches on John's coat, which is the only thing that's left! I'm sorry this has taken so long, thanks for being super patient with me! :hug:
-OC for xAlyaHx: please message me if you are still interested! I might need just a quick sketch from you to make sure I get the design right, especially for his clothes and his hair.
-Loki for AnotherStolenRelic: please message me if you are still interested! I'll also need a screenshot of which outfit you want him in!
-Sollux for my friend Neko, and potentially some others from Facebook (Dirk for Becky, Dualscar for Danny
-if FionnatheHuman8 is still interested (can't find your account, did you delete it or change names?) please let me know
-9th, 10th, 11th and 12th Doctors for Claudia (over Facebook) if she's still interested
oh boy what have I gotten myself into...
Please message me back ASAP! I'll be contacting you when it's your turn, and if I don't get a reply soon enough I'll move on to the next on my list!

Crafts feature:
Some stuff my friends have made :D go check them out!
Soot Sprites by FluffyParcel
motivating quotes- all pendants by yiea
The Last of Us: Coming Soon... 5.0 by StitchedAlchemy

Thanks for reading! And thanks to all of you who had my back this semester :huggle:
I'm really hoping things get better, and I'm excited to finally have time to devote to crafting :P


Projects and Commissions

Progress for my various projects/commissions

Stars are for: design drawn, pieces cut, flats sewn, plush sewn up + stuffed
Extra stars are for accessories like coats, jackets etc. or extra details

Sherlock (commission)
:star::star::star::star::star: :la:

PJ Sherlock
:star::star::star::star::star: :la:

John Watson - red shirt (commission)

John Watson - stripes
:star::star::star::star: :la:

Jawn's Jumper (cosplay)
(yes it deserves it's own spot, it's a pretty big project :P)
Design: :star: I was lucky enough to find a pattern! Had to make changes though since I'm so tall haha
Torso knit: :star:
Sleeves knit: :star:
Pieces joined: :star:

Loki (commission)

:star::star::star::star: :la:




10th Doctor (commission)

11th Doctor (commission)

12th Doctor (commission)

Akihito's Vest (Cosplay)

Swatch: :star:
Design: :star:
Knit: :star:
Finishings: :star:



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